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Deletion Notification

2009-06-26 11:49:23 by kevinsano

Your submission, "Talim and Amy Dollies", submitted at 6/22/09 10:02:07 AM, has been removed due to violation of terms.

Ok, why is it that no art site on this planet can tell you why exactly something was deleted? How can you be expected to NOT do it again... Anyway, I put all other similar drawings under the A rating, even though according to those vague submission options it should be an M rating

and why the hell isn't "illegal material" properly defined!?

Deletion Notification


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2009-06-26 12:34:15

its stuff like child pornography and such


2009-06-26 15:32:25

Resubmit dawg


2009-06-26 16:24:22

You'd think that if they clarify the definitions, they would realize that there would be less violations.
However, I think more often or not, the line where the moderators and administration decides the rules are entirely based on opinions and their individual perspective. Sometimes, I don't think all moderators would agree on a given artwork.
I'm quite surprised that they are monitoring the art section so carefully considering that this is mainly a flash site. Looks like you're making a good choice by changing the ratings. I doubt they'll clarify the reasons to remove your work, considering that they've got a lot of submissions, but here's what the terms state under 5.C. (iii) submit material that is unlawful, defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or encourages conduct that would be considered a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, violate any law, or is otherwise inappropriate - unless it's really, really funny
Granted, you didn't ask for an opinion, but since you've bothered to make a post, you shouldn't be surprised if a comment appears.


2009-06-26 19:43:34

You can still post it in your news posts.

kevinsano responds:

Those things aren't monitored?


2009-06-27 14:23:58

I tottaly agree. I was a newcomer and sumited a pretty damned good sprite flash short and it got blamed because it didnt have a preloader and for SOME REASON they said it violated thier terms of agreement....and which makes no sense...cuz i checked the rules and there was no reason that tied to my Submission.

But to be honest, i dont think the so famous motto "Everything, By Everyone" which really means in my book "Everything, by Everyone...as long as we like it or think its stupid funny"

kevinsano responds:

preloaders are somewhat mandatory though, depending on the size and length. I'm sure the rules mention that pretty clearly...


2009-06-27 22:20:01

You should make a flash which uses that dollie style.


2009-06-28 14:05:54

Well, there you go. Still, I agree, they could stand to be a lot less vague on the rules. I would resubmit using the settings you used on your other drawings of that caliber. I wouldn't go on my opinion alone, though.


2009-06-29 00:48:57

Ive seen all your work here and its great!
You do a lot of video game girls.
If you could make Jill Valentine from resident evil
that would be awesome!
Keep up the great work.


2009-06-29 12:20:32

I think if you posted a copy of your pic, I think it would be quite clear to others why it was reported.

kevinsano responds:

or you could be less cryptic, as it's anything BUT clear to me...


2009-06-29 14:15:05

well, that fact that there was no nipples or clitoris in the pics pissed us off. if your going to make adultt pics like that, they need adult requirements.

(Updated ) kevinsano responds:

As a reason for removal that seems quite silly and immature not to mention extremely unlikely. They're supposed to be rather adorable...


2009-06-29 22:18:58

you rok


2009-06-30 23:25:27

well hey, this is new grounds, it's full of ass hole that want some porn. i like your new work though :D


2009-07-01 10:20:05

Spartan500, check out kevinsano's art, he makes money from nude drawings. Don't pretend he doesn't cater for porn.

I can't believe how ignorant you are that these look like naked kids. They sure as hell don't look like dolls.

kevinsano responds:

I dunno, rather than calling it ignorant, I guess I just refuse to put kids on the same level as a plastic-looking drawing...


2009-07-15 19:09:06

"rather than calling it ignorant, I guess I just refuse to put kids on the same level as a plastic-looking drawing"
Thats fine, but you have to understand the majority of people with more than a single brain cell can connect attributes of that image and children. Thus you will attrach a crowd you won't want to attract.
You seem a half decent artist however you are tugging at a thread you don't want to tug.

kevinsano responds:

I'll tug at that thread how much I want. The ignorant ones are those that keep seeing things that aren't there.