Scouted by Staff

2009-09-23 09:07:02 by kevinsano

...ok... what does that mean exactly? Changes to the scout tree system?


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2009-09-23 09:31:39

if people see your art and like it, they can recommend that you be scouted. I'm not sure exactly how it works, but i can only assume that if staff sees your work and likes it, they can scout you


2009-10-03 17:47:47

Staff means you won't get unscouted since:
before, the person who scouted you
would make everyone he scouted get unscouted if he got unscouted.
Now it's the Newgrounds staff that scouted you, and they don't get unscouted.

Simply put, you're unscoutable (unless staff bans you or something) :)

Woah that's a bit hard to read, but I hope you get it :D