What the Hell? EDIT

2009-10-07 06:00:44 by kevinsano

Can someone explain to me why I've been unscouted AGAIN. I was "scouted by staff" this time, whatever that means and the only pic I've submitted in the mean time was this Peach pic...
http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kev insano/peachy-color

I mean, what gives? Don't scout me if your just gonna unscout me again for the heck of it later on, jeez

EDIT: Nevermind, it seems the entire scout system has been reset. I'll just keep this old News Post for the lulz.


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2009-10-08 15:24:32

where's gender bender???

kevinsano responds:

gender bender!??


2009-10-13 18:01:20

I know how you feel man. My shit was unscouted to and it sucks! No one will scout me again! This blows hard but your art is the shit!!


2009-12-05 05:34:57

love your pokebabes art


2009-12-18 01:05:30

umm can i make a request can you draw samus from metroid like the one you did with sonia petronova pls


2009-12-20 23:25:18

ng comes with many surprises


2010-01-06 08:34:00

I would like to see maybe a male drawn picture in you're work instead of this smut.

kevinsano responds:

me? draw a male? preposterous XD


2010-02-13 12:54:55

Hi! I'm a fan of your art! :D
What program did you use to make your drawings? :)
And ye, I also think it was not fair.
your drawings are really cool...xD


2010-04-24 18:31:45

lol i commented on your picture of a dragonball character not realizing she was one and said it looked like another dragonball character... I didn't think to google "Videl" until right after I entered in the comment.

Sad... ignore my dumbness

kevinsano responds:

lol, I was wondering about that comment :3


2010-08-04 12:27:37

i love all of your works